Acting Services


When an actor goes into an audition….they are asked to perform with one of the four options below. Having complete confidence in all four of these areas is a top priority when studying with Donald


– Show your type, age range and acting abilities

– Every actor should have a pocket full of monologues at performance level!

– Donald will help to pick the right monologues for you.

Cold Reads

– There is a technique to learning how to master cold reads.

– Once you go through this training you will always walk into a cold read with confidence


– Many agents and managers send their clients directly to Donald to breakdown and make choices regarding audition sides that are given to an actor.  Whether the casting requires self taping or live auditioning of the sides, the preparation with a professional coach helps the actor to feel confident about the decisions regarding the scene.


– Many final casting decisions are based on an actors ability to improv as the character. Learning to master improv guarantees the actor more bookings



What’s important to nail the audition:
  • How to do a Resume: An actor needs a resume that is properly presented
  • Technique: What you wear, how to walk in to the room, how you slate.
  • Preparing Sides: The benefits of working your sides with a professional acting coach
  • Self tape Auditions: Eye Lines, reactions, proper lighting and sound


Donald has shot Head Shots for many successful actors,

To see his head shots go to:


 The present rate for working with Donald is $ 75.00 for a one hour session

  Rate applies to coaching, taping, photography and consultation services by Donald


 SCENE WORK                          Upon request. Rate varies with the amount of people

 ACTING CLASSES                    Schedule to be published

 ACTING WORKSHOPS            Schedule to be published